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Recommended Spring Services

Breathe easier with a new cabin air filter!

If you change your air filters at home, have you considered your car’s cabin air filter? Most people don’t think about the filter in your car, but it helps protect those with allergies from airborne particles. It also helps keep the interior of your vehicle clean and fresh. And lastly, it purifies the air in your passenger compartment by filtering pollen, dust and other contaminants.

How did your wipers work the last time it rained?

Be clear, be safe. Let us check your wiper blades today.

Is your vehicle about to have a stroke?

Your vehicle’s engine and cooling system are like its heart and arteries! Deposits can build up, restricting the flow of liquids vital to the life of your car. Ask us about our cooling system services to keep your engine running clean, clear and cool.

Do you say a little prayer before you pass?

In a passing situation, you want your engine operating at peak performance. Whether you accelerate smoothly or sputter and strain past that truck depends a lot on a clean fuel system. Ask us about our fast and inexpensive fuel system services.

Does your power steering still have that smooth, easy feel?

Old and dirty fluid or low fluid levels drain the power and make steering hard! For maximum control and driving safety, your power steering system should be kept clean. Ask us to check the condition of your system today.

Wet Driving Tips

  • We will check your tires to see that they offer the proper amount of tread. Tires that offer maximum grip in wet weather are best; we are happy to make some recommendations.
  • Always drive with two hands.
  • Slow down before turning, and maintain a consistent speed throughout the turn.
  • While turning, don’t make any sudden steering wheel movements.
  • Only brake in a straight line before the turn, and do so gradually. Do not brake during the turn.
  • Significantly increase your following distance from other cars.
  • If hydroplaning, do not accelerate or brake suddenly. Keep your foot lightly on the gas and steer the car forward until your tires regain traction.