core values

Core Values

Our Core Values are a representation of who we are.

  • Teamwork through Trust and Respect – We at Auto Thrift value our people. We believe that we are able to reach our goals through cooperation. We recognize each person’s contribution and treat each other with respect
  • Integrity – We conduct business in an honest and straight forward manner. It is very important to us that customers, as well as members of our team, esteem Auto Thrift of Escondido as honorable and trustworthy
  • Commitment to Customer Enthusiasm – It is our intention to keep our customers satisfied and we continuously work at improving our service for their confidence and pleasure so they will continue to repeat their business with us
  • Passion for Winning – Auto Thrift of Escondido has a tradition for success and we are driven to that success with good leadership and keeping our eyes focused on relentlessly pursuing excellence
  • Accountability at All Levels – It is our pleasure to have our customers depend on us to deliver our promise of excellent service. We consistently persevere to provide high quality and efficient business results to maintain our customers’ trust in us
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement – There is always room for improvement and at Auto Thrift of Escondido we are always seeking ways to improve our process and the way we do business. We remain proactive in finding ways to grow and develop in order to serve our customers better