about us

About Us

After 30 years in the used car business, I believe I know what my customers are looking for.

Purchasing a new car can be stressful. Purchasing a used car has to be at least twice as stressful. My staff strives to make you feel comfortable and confident while buying a quality vehicle at a fair price.

Auto Thrift of Escondido is a great company to work for, and to do business with. We believe the reason for our success is directly related to the high quality of our vehicles, as well as our employees. Frank and Dale Turlo stand by the company and their people, and because of this they continually work together to make this a great company. We take great pride in what we do and find ways on a daily basis to make it even better and it shows!

We want to make your buying experience at Auto Thrift of Escondido the best you've ever had. From the start of your vehicle search, to finding the best financing, we want you to be as happy as possible.

Please don't hesitate to call anytime if we can be of any assistance.